Family that housed Snowden in Hong Kong granted asylum in Canada

How does the fact that he stayed with refugees and supports them affect his image?

Using technology to improve time-management skills

I found this article to be interesting and potentially useful for both individuals and organizations. An issue faced by many emerging or small-scale non-profit organizations is a lack of adequate record keeping and organization. Keeping up with obligations and maintaining deadlines is a vital component of success in an increasingly competitive world. I am also including a link to an article with some valuable App suggestions for time management. By the way, the irony of choosing this topic to post on March 15th is not lost on me.

Distracting myself from Technology

I enjoyed my “Sans Technology” time for the most part, though I did notice myself instinctively wanting to use my phone for various purposes. I chose to distract myself for this assignment by exploring the Binghamton University greenhouse complex after one of our classes. In case any of you have not experienced this awesome part of campus, I’d highly recommend it! With hundreds of different plant species I was preoccupied for quite some time. I found myself missing my phone occasionally during this time for three reasons. I wanted to take photos of some of the cooler plants, I wanted to search for more details about some plants, and I wanted to save a note in my “Google Keep” app of interesting plants I’d like to grow myself someday. A simple notebook and pen solved the last issue but the unique value of technology was clearly evident in my inability to take photos or research in any way on the spot. I didn’t spend four whole hours in the greenhouse obviously, I went and walked around the nature preserve a bit and did some errands around the Vestal parkway. The nature preserve was muddy and cold and I must admit it wasn’t as enjoyable as it could’ve been if I hadn’t chosen to go in the midst of a dreary Binghamton winter. Altogether I’m not especially troubled by going for a period of time without tech though I don’t see a significant value in doing so for individuals who use devices at a moderate/reasonable level.

A Humbling Failure

I used to be that person, I swear. I used to be the only one that would leave their phone behind, shut off all of my devices, and live my best life unbothered. And now, here I am; a humbled failure. when I initially read the technology break assignment panic immediately ensued. Wich day of the week would be best because of work? What assignment did I have coming up or saved to the last minute that would make this unfeasible? Would people judge me if I lied? This is a sad state of affairs people. What kind of world do we live in that has caused me to believe that what I have going on in my life is really so important that the world will top should I disconnect for longer than usual? This is probably the point in this post which I should divulge that I did not make it all the way throught the allotted time. I cracked. I caved. I succumbed to the darkness that is information and technology for a twenty-somthing year old in the United States of America. However, you have not seen the last of me. I will be trying this challenege again over Spring Break and this time? I am finally going to show the internet who is boss. Even if it’s just for a few short hours…

Public Speaking from One of the Best

Managing Information and Technology

Hi All,

When considering how to present new technology to the public, I think it is ideal to follow example of one of the worlds best, Steve Jobs. From the very first iPhone until he unfortunately passed, Jobs delivered the best keynote speeches on introducing new technology. His very first speech on the iPhone excited audiences and the public did not know that Jobs had just introduced them a technology that would take the world by storm for the next 10+ years. He is a pioneer at delivering technology to the public and watching his keynote speech on the first iPhone is essential in understanding how to do so.


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Four Hours Long Without Technology

Four hours? Seems like a short time until you realize that your life depends on technology. First, I tried on the weekend. This was because I knew during the week it would not be easy to live my day to day life without interacting with people via text message, phone call or other social media. So this is how my day went. I started this fast away from technology at around noon. The goal was to distract myself and my friend was willing to help. We went to a diner for brunch, a brilliant idea because I wouldn’t have to use my phone because I don’t use my phone when I’m with friends out for a meal. So why not? At the diner, however, my friend kept check their phone. This was frustrating to me because I couldn’t do the same. Eventually my friend realized the situation they were putting me in by being so rude, so they stopped. We have a great conversation about the night before and our up coming plan for Parade day weekend. It made the time go by fast and next thing I knew we had been there for 1.5 hours. Light work this would be. I was full and now had a little one two hours to go. I decided to read when I got back home. That was a great idea until I started dozing off 30-45 minutes later. Now what could I do? How could I force myself passed the finish line. I started to work out! But the problem with working out is I usually work out with music. Without music I just couldn’t motivate myself enough. I was in a sticky situation. I was determined to make it though. However I eventually caved in being a huge Chelsea FC fan and realized that I was about to miss their game. In the end I realize that modern day entertainment revolves around some form of technology. I gladly accepted the challenge, multiple times, but was unable to win. This generation is addicted to their phones and without denial I admit to being apart of this generation.

Last post… another perspective?

Hi everybody,

This is going to be my last post. I will say goodbye to the Managing Info and Technology class. To be coherent with my perspective of provide a view different from the US, Im sharing a seminar on E-Government for students and faculty of AUIS and Sulaimani University. In here you will see the implementation of therories from the US, UK and Australia in Iraqi Kurdistan.

4 hours with no technology

I have tried to go on 4 hours technology diet and it did not work from the first try like most of my other diets 😉

I do not consider myself a technology addicted, yet I look at my phone as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. Well, it’s also for checking the time not to be late for my son’s or my class, but I also take a quick look to my Facebook posts and texts meanwhile.  So, I picked an evening time to take my four hour break from technology. During this time I hosted an American family for dinner. We got to know this family through the Family Friendship Program implemented by the university. We have been in touch but only met one time during my first semester at BU as they were expecting a baby, then had a baby who kept them quite busy.

I had to use the technology to cook the dinner; TV was on because I could not step on the basic rights to leisure of one of my family members. But
I left my phone and my laptop in the bedroom and forgot about them. Prior to their visit, I texted our address to the family to make sure they do not call me to ask how to get to our place. Then my guests arrived with their 3 month old baby girl. We had so much fun talking about everyday cultural differences, children, music, books, politics… We learnt so much from each other during this time! I would say 4 hours did not seem long at all, but I went to find my phone as soon as they left to check if I had any missed call or a new text message. So, I admit it is hard to live without information technology nowadays, but it is important to keep a good balance of online and offline life.